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Amethyst Jewelry for February


February's birthstone is the lovely purple amethyst, named for the Greek maiden Amethystos.  A form of quartz, it has been valued as a gemstone for many centuries.  Amethystos was headed to worship at the temple of Artemis.  Dionysus, god of wine, was angered at another fair maiden and took out his aggression on the first person he saw, who happened to be Amethystos.   Tigers were sent to devour her.  She cried out to Artemis to save her, who responded by turning her into a quartz crystal for protection.  Dionysus, remorseful at last, spilled his glass of wine over the beautiful crystal, turning it purple.  Thus we have the beautiful deep purple of fine amethyst, as well as the origins of the legend that wearing amethyst jewelry can help guard against intoxication!

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Sometimes you inherit jewelry which is beautiful, and sentimental, but simply doesn't fit today's lifestyle.  But that original piece of jewelry is so well designed that you hesitate taking it apart.  What to do?

Often vintage jewelry can be updated without harming its original intrinsic value.  The bracelets seen here each incorporate vintage Edwardian filigree brooches.  The brooches are lovely, but a bit formal for today's more casual life.  But setting such a brooch into a bangle bracelet makes it more casual and wearable, while still keeping the design of the original piece.

If you have family pieces which don't fit your current life, check with us for ideas about updating or redesigning while still keeping the charm of the original.

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