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Aquamarine Rings


Its name comes from the obvious resemblance to the clearest of oceans. What many people don't realize is that it is the same mineral as emerald; both are beryl, simply colored by slightly different impurities in the respective crystals.

 Treasured for centuries, aquamarine was said by Pliny to hail "from a mermaid's treasure chest." It symbolizes safe passage for a mariner and is even said to prevent seasickness. It symbolizes happiness and everlasting youth, and can reawaken the love of married couples. On top of all that, it is said to be an antidote for poison! What better gem to add to your jewelry wardrobe?
Rings shown above range from $2600 to $12,500.  Several are available in our on-line estate jewelry store. 
our on-line estate jewelry store.


This is a great time to take a look through your jewelry box and watch collection to pick out items in need of cleaning and repair.  We are pleased to inspect the security of your jewelry settings free of charge.

You may also have items you no longer wear.  Gifting your jewelry to friends and family is a nice tradition.  Another idea is to bring new life to out-dated or unused items by re-purposing and modernizing your jewelry.

But sometimes, the best option is to part with un-worn items.  That's where our jewelry consignment services can play a valuable role.

Palo Alto Jewelry Consignment


We understand that consigning jewelry may be an emotional process.  There can be a high cash and/or sentimental value involved and we are always sensitive to this. Our years of developing trust and experience in this field as well as our long-standing membership to the consumer-protecting American Gem Society (AGS) can be comforting to the seller.

You can bring your jewelry into our store to meet with any of our experts. We will examine it, grade and estimate weights for any gemstones, and let you know what you will realize upon sale. There is no charge for this service.

Our consignment services include cleaning, polishing, and photographing. We will make sure the item is priced competitively and will market it through a variety of channels.  During your jewelry's time with us, it will be insured.

Please call, 650 325-3533, with questions or to make an appointment with a Gleim the Jeweler consignment expert.

Consignment FAQs

Emerald Ring on Sale

Visit us at Stanford Shopping Center to see all the items in our sale case, or browse our on-line selection of estate jewelry items on sale and available with free shipping!

Including this ballerina-setting emerald ring on sale.
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