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Ruby, birthstone for July.

This gemstone has been treasured for millennia, revered for its deep, fiery color. Legend has it that this color comes from an "internal, inexhaustible flame," symbolizing everlasting love.

The only gem harder than ruby is diamond, making this an excellent gemstone for daily wear.

If ground and drunk in a potion, it is said to be a cure for indigestion, although the idea of grinding up a ruby may bring on more indigestion! Even better, it is said to bring the wearer peace with enemies. A charming, cautionary legend says it should not be shown to a buffalo, as the fiery gem may make the buffalo 'madly furious.' So as long as you don't plan to wear it in front of your buffalo, it can be a wonderful gem to wear!


Peridot, for August

Peridot is an ancient gem, dating back thousands of years; it was a favorite of Cleopatra. The finest peridot comes from Burma; an historic source was the Island of Zabargad in the Red Sea.

It is always this lovely springtime green, and is said to bring good luck and success.  Legend has it that it even glows with light at dusk; long-ago miners used to scout for its glow in evening.  

  Wearing this gem is said to attract love, as well.  No matter the powers attributed to it, it's a beautiful gemstone to wear and enjoy!  Shown here, some wonderful peridot earrings,
a vintage peridot, diamond and pearl ring, and a classic ring, all from our Estate Collection.
Remember the days of charm bracelets? 

Many of them were created to hold memories of summer travels, as in the bracelet shown here.  This bracelet is just such a repository of memories: Spain, Mexico, London, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Hawaii, San Francisco... It's safe to say that no two charm bracelets are alike, and they provide a record of a lifetime of travel. 

Charm bracelets can be created today, in either gold or silver, and continue to be one-of-a-kind additions to your jewelry wardrobe.

 Jewelry collectors, you will love the new arrivals to our Estate Jewelry Store from these designers:

David Yurman

Iconic design!
Tiffany & Co.

You know you want one!
Roberto Coin

Look for the signature ruby!

A living heritage!
Leo DeVroomen

Bold and tailored!
See the Alhambra earrings too!
Steven Lagos

Understated, lasting power!
Have you seen our beautiful new store?  We are so very proud of our remodel, completed last fall.  You can expect the same beautiful jewelry and the same friendly service in an exquisite new setting.  And now that the shopping center is completely done with its renovation, it's a great chance to see the new restaurants and stores that have been added to the mix.

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