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Aquamarine for the March baby! 
Looking at the beautiful blues evokes thoughts of warmer seasons and ocean vistas.  It symbolizes youth, health and hope - and protects voyagers on the sea.  It's coolness helps calm the wearer and aids in meditation.

Above: Bulgari Bon-Bon Brooch
Below: More aquamarine items from our Online Store
Spring Cleaning! Gleim inspects and cleans your jewelry for no charge.  Even items purchased elsewhere.

Did you know that your jewelry can benefit from a regular maintenance check?   Prongs holding gemstones can wear, bend or break; even diamonds can be chipped or broken.  Here are two examples of recent repairs that we were able to do for our clients:

This ring was checked in the nick of time; the wearer was about to lose a large diamond.  You can see how some of the prongs are completely worn away; another one was badly bent, most likely from a blow against a hard surface, and the tip of yet another was about to break off.  The ring was a good quality; it had just been worn and loved for a number of years, and was showing  the results of daily wear and tear.
We were able to restore the setting to its original condition in our on-site shop, and her diamond is safe to wear once again.  What a tragedy had she not come in the store when she did!
And here, the "before and after" of a badly broken diamond.
At some point over the years, this diamond received a sharp enough blow that a good-sized section had broken off.  We sent the diamond out to a diamond cutter with whom we have worked for many years, and he was able to re-cut and repair it.  Although it lost some weight, it still fit back in the original setting, and now sparkles the way it was intended. 
Have your jewelry inspected at least once a year to make sure all the prongs are securely holding your gemstones and to keep you advised of any upcoming maintenance.  We will always inspect and clean your jewelry for no charge, even it if wasn't purchased at our store, and, should it need repair, will let you know the cost before we proceed.  Most repair work is done on our premises.
More information on our jewelry services.
New to our Online Jewelry Store.  Enamel Tiger Pendant - enamel jewelry is on-trend in 2018 - and the Three-Stone Engagement Ring - trending thanks to the Markle Effect!
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