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Wear Where You've Been!
One of the charming traditions of charm bracelets is the collection and display of travel memories.  But charm bracelets are not just limited to travel charms - display memories of life's special moments, charms of personal inspiration, or simply things you love.
Charm bracelets allow you to own a whimsical, one-of-a-kind, jewelry item that you can add to each time you spy a special little charm.  And what a great conversation starter!
We carry charms of all kinds in our store, and have posted a select number of vintage charms to our online store.
Peridot for August

From the Greek word peridona, meaning "giving plenty,"peridot is associated with good fortune and prosperity. Peridot is the rare gem-quality variety of the common mineral olivine, which forms deep inside the earth's mantle and is brought to the surface by volcanoes.

 In Hawaii, peridot symbolizes the tears of Pele, the volcano goddess of fire who controls the flow of lava.

Most of the world's peridot supply comes from the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona. Other sources are China, Myanmar, Pakistan and Africa.

Estate Jewelry with Peridot
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