Indian Motorcycle, since 1901, and Baume & Mercier, since 1830, partner to bring us the best of both their worlds - the limited edition chronograph collection, The Clifton Club Indian.
And now, Gleim the Jeweler is pleased to partner with Indian Motorcycle of Hollister to celebrate these two legendary brands by displaying a beautiful Indian Motorcycle Scout - yes - in our store!
It's here through October 8th, so come on in soon to see our biggest bling yet.
Yes, you can sit on it and shoot a selfie, but no, if you want to ride it out the door, you'll need to talk to our friends at Indian Motorcycle of Hollister!
See, try on, and order your new Baume & Mercier watch while you're here.

Here's the beautiful brochure with watch photos and the story of Burt Munro.

The three watches in the Clifton
Club IndianĀ® collection can be proudly worn to remind the wearer that anything is possible with enough grit and determination - in the spirit of Burt Munro.
Remember - always wear an amazing watch, a helmet, eye protection, protective clothing, and obey the speed limit!
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