We have not purchased new coral jewelry for many years, due to the exploitation of our oceans' coral beds.  But we love to see coral estate items, so that we and our customers can enjoy this beautiful color and material, while not causing any new damage to our planet's precious reefs.
For thousands of years, people have worn coral believing it offered protection, healing, and relaxation.   It's not surprising that this incredible color is associated with the health of blood and one's life force.  
All Our Estate Jewelry Coral Items

It's not just an ocean marvel, coral's a color too!  Found in gems such as garnets, orange sapphires, Mexican opal, spinel and tourmaline, it's another way to celebrate this year's most popular color.
Such as in these samples from Goshwara, The Gleim Collection, and Jane Taylor.
Our Bizzotto Collection includes the stunning Infinito line, shown, as well as New York, Cascata, Fermamento, and more.  All are stunning to see!

"Jewellery has no time barriers, it is captivated by the movement that reveres fluidity as a creative expression of the material and its light. It loves inspiring life, moving as we move, yesterday and always. It is extraordinary beauty in our life." - Bizzotto
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