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Dear Rachel,
Georgie Gleim
Why jewelry for Valentine's Day?

You can't avoid the Valentine's Day ads this time of year. But isn't it nice to have a day devoted to telling another how much you love them? And what better way to say it than jewelry? It needn't be an elaborate or expensive gift. But what jewelry can do is serve as a lasting reminder of how you feel about someone. Every time your loved one looks at the ring, bracelet, or earrings that you selected, the occasion is relived again, with all the warm memories associated with it. So continue with the flowers or candy, but add a simple piece of jewelry to make the memory last!


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Amethyst: Birthstone For February
Pandora Gift With Purchase
Save The Date! Saturdays at Quattro

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Amethyst: Birthstone For February


Amethyst is the beautiful deep purple birthstone for February. Amethyst is a type of quartz, valued for thousands of years for its royal color. The name "amethyst" comes from the Greek maiden, Amethystos, and is one of the more colorful legends associated with gems. Dionysius, the god of wine, was angered at this time by mortals, and swore revenge on the first mortal to cross his path. This happened to be the maiden Amethystos, on her way to worship at the shrine of Diana. When Amethystos realized what peril she was in, she cried out to Diana for help. Diana turned her into a beautiful quartz crystal to protect her. Dionysius, feeling remorse for what he had done, spilled his glass of wine over her, turning her purple. The name amethyst also has the meaning of sober; legend has it that wearing an amethyst can help prevent intoxication. It is said to protect the soldier in battle, and make the owner shrewd in business. Brazil is one of the chief sources of amethyst, as it is for many other beautiful gemstones. Come by to see our beautiful collection of amethyst jewelry!
Pandora Gift With Purchase


Pandora Gift with purchaseThrough February 14, receive this heart-shaped jewelry box with any purchase of $150 or more of Pandora beads or jewelry. Pandora makes a wonderful way to tell someone you are thinking of them, allowing you to build a beautiful bracelet, one bead at a time, for a completely personal pieces of jewelry. Good while supplies last.

Save The Date! Saturdays at Quattro
Camilla Olson PictureWe are excited to be participating in a luncheon and fashion show at Quattro Restaurant, at Four Seasons Silicon Valley. This event will feature the designs of Palo Alto's own Camilla Olson, accessorized with jewelry from Gleim the Jeweler. There will be informal modeling during lunch, with a trunk show immediately afterward allowing you to see both the fashions and the jewelry up close. And yes, purchasing will be allowed! Camilla designs beautiful, feminine clothing to fill a niche which moves easily from daytime to evening, featuring careful tailoring and often using fabrics she has designed. The fashion show will be March 3 at 11; cost is $32 per person. You can make a reservation by responding to this newsletter, and you can see Camilla's fashions at Click Here for PDF inviation.
Estate Items of The Month
Estate JewelryThis complete collection of beautiful estate jewelry was just consigned to us by a client. It's a lovely group of classically styled, beautifully made jewelry, most dating from the 1970s or 1980s. This is one of the most exciting parts of our just never know what is going to come through the front door! It could be a single Edwardian ring; it could be a large diamond; or it could be a treasured collection like this. Remember, if you have inherited jewelry you simply are not going to wear, and no one else in the family is interested in it, bring it by; we are always interested in looking at new pieces for our Estate Department. Big or small, old or new, let us take a look!

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