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Dear Rachel,
Georgie Gleim
Happy Anniversary to Gleim the Jeweler!

April 1st marked our 81st anniversary! Yes, it was on April Fool's Day that my grandfather opened the doors to the first, small version of Gleim the Jeweler. Legend has it that he borrowed $500 from a friend, a huge sum in those days, and bought inventory from a store that had gone bankrupt. The original ledger book (purchased from Congdon & Crome, of course) shows not a single sale on that first day! Things picked up the next day, and he took in $5.35. By Saturday, April 4th, the day's total was in the double digits, at $16.45! Many of the entries in these original ledger books record the weather and temperature of the day, making them very interesting historical documents.

He also had a watch repairer's record book, and took his first watch repair in on April 2nd from a Mrs. Dana Smith. In May he took in a watch to repair for Mrs. Al Werry....if you have been in Palo Alto for any length of time, you will remember Werry Electric, and Mr. Werry himself, who lived to be well over 100.

We're lucky to have shared in so much Palo Alto history, and even luckier to have the records with which we can peruse that history. We owe our success to our generations of loyal customers and professional colleagues; without them, we would not be enjoying the success we have today.


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Aquamarie: Birthstone For March
Diamond: Birthstone For April
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Aquamarine: Birthstone For March


Aquamarine is an ancient gem, with many powers and healing properties attributed to it. It is from the beryl family, as is emerald, but while emerald can be highly included, the best aquas are crystal-clear. You often see aquamarine used in beautifully made Art Deco designs from the 1920s; today, it is not seen as often, but it is one of the best colors for a fair-skinned blonde. And what are the ways in which it can help you? It can provide foresight and courage. It can help ensure the safe passage of a sailor. It can reawaken love for a married couple, and promotes happiness and everlasting youth. In addition to being an antidote for poisons, it can even cure the more mundane ailment of burping! Whatever its powers, a beautiful aquamarine has depth like the tropical sea, giving a bit of happiness to your jewelry wardrobe.
Diamond: Birthstone For April
Diamond Picture 
The birthstone for April is the legendary diamond! The hardest of gemstones, diamond has been treasured for thousands of years. First mined in India more than 4000 years ago, its purity and strength have been valued throughout its history. Legend said that diamond occurred when a thunderbolt lodged itself in the earth. Considering that they are found in the remnants of ancient volcanoes, that's not too far from the truth!
Diamond, from the Greek word "adamas," meaning "unconquerable," is said to protect against poison, evil spirits, and water snakes, of all things. In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy, beginning the tradition that continues to this day of presenting a diamond ring as a token of engagement. If you wear a diamond engagement ring yourself, no doubt you remember the day you received it, and just how it was presented to you; each time you look at your ring, a bit of this story comes back to you. Looked at this way, every diamond ring has its own legend associated with it.
Upcoming Events
Mother's Day ShowOur annual Mother's Day show, featuring jewelry from our Gleim Collection, is scheduled for May 10-13. This year, for something different, we will include some beautiful silk scarves by local designer Camilla Olson, which coordinate wonderfully well with precious gems. If you were fortunate enough to have attended Camilla's fashion show, held in early March at the Four Seasons Silicon Valley, you will remember her feminine, wearable fashions, as well as the Gleim jewelry worn as accents! Save the dates of Mother's Day weekend to see just what is worthy of the woman in your life.
Estate Jewelry of The Month
The Caduceus, two snakes coiled around a staff surmounted by wings, is often associated with the medical field, no doubt due to its adoption as the symbol of the US Army Medical Corps. Hermes carried a Caduceus, and in this context it symbolizes commerce and trades. The beautiful Art Nouveau Caduceus pictured here is accented with delicate green enamel, highlighted with diamonds and pearls, and comes complete in its own fitted box from Child & Child, an English firm recognized for its Art Nouveau jewelry. What a wonderful way to recognize a newly minted doctor!

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