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May's birthstone is the legendary Emerald, treasured for centuries in many civilizations around the world, from ancient Egypt to today, worn by royalty, moguls and Cleopatra herself.

A member of the mineral family beryl, emerald is known for its soothing green color.  Emerald is also known for having somewhat more internal inclusions than other gems, but this is simply the nature of the gem.  Often these collections of inclusions in an emerald are referred to as "jardins," using the French word for "gardens."  An emerald completely free from inclusions is very rare and can command spectacular prices, but some inclusions can add value as well.  There is one particular inclusion which can identify a stone as being from Colombia, source of the finest gems; this pedigree enhances the value.
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Emerald is said to refresh the sight; it is said that Emperor Nero watched the gladiators through eyeglasses of emerald.  Cleopatra valued emeralds, and her emerald mines, above all else.  The Indian moguls treasured emeralds, feeling they enhance well-being and promise good luck.  The Incas and Aztecs regarded emerald as holy.  Emerald can enhance faith, loyal friendship and ensure success in love, marriage and motherhood.  Emerald is even said to ward off demonic possession!  It is truly a versatile gem.

Emerald is just a bit more fragile than other gemstones, so requires a bit more mindfulness while being worn.  My father had a wonderful way of speaking about this.  Imagine you have two wool coats, one white and one navy blue.  You know they will both provide years of wear, but you will treat the white coat with just a bit more care than the navy one.  Given just a bit more care, your emerald jewelry can provide many years of enjoyment. 

All emeralds pictured below are from our own collection.  Items subject to prior sale


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Mother's Day

Mother's Day Roses Picture 

How best to honor the mother in your life? Let her know how you treasure the love and care she has given you or your children for all these years. Although most women love candy or flowers, they are impermanent. How about tying a beautiful ring to a rose stem, or hiding some colorful earrings in the candy box? If you are honoring the mother of your children, bring them in to help select her gift. They will love it, and it will mean so much more. Long after the candy has been enjoyed, or the flowers have faded, jewelry will be here to be enjoyed every day. And every time she wears it, she will remember the wonderful Mother's Day when she was presented with that special piece of jewelry.
Estate Jewelry of The Month
Estate Onyx ring    
Have you ever tried making a picture using mosaic? This ring carries that skill to one of the highest levels. Using a method called pietra dura, the flower in this ring is created entirely of inlaid gemstones against an onyx base. The work is so painstaking that the surface is completely smooth. The ring is finished with delicate gold work, hand pierced, chased and engraved, in yellow gold with a few white gold highlights. Such skill for such a simple ring! This ring is part of our estate stock, and is priced at $975.
Travel Plans in Your Future?
Travel Clutches 
Will your summer include a vacation someplace? Most women, while on vacation, will want to take a few favorite pieces of jewelry with them, and are not always certain how to travel with it safely. First, never ever pack your jewelry in the luggage you are checking! Always keep it in your purse, backpack or carryon, something that will always be with you. Second, consider how you are going to pack the jewelry safely and securely, so it will always be accessible. Connoisseur has upgraded their travel jewelry clutches to a snazzy reptile print leather; the larger size is available in either red or black. These are extremely practical. They can hold a large amount of jewelry in a compact space, and it is kept safe and cushioned with the special anti-tarnish fabric. These clutches are small enough to fit in a purse or the hotel safe deposit box, and will make it easy to find the piece you are looking for. And they are unobtrusive enough to look like a simple makeup case. To keep your jewelry sparkling while you are away, consider a Diamond Dazzle Stick, a handy way to freshen your gems before that big event. The clutches are priced at $50 and $60 each; the Diamond Dazzle Stick is $8.
Upcoming Events
Mother's Day ShowOur annual Mother's Day show, featuring jewelry from our Gleim Collection, is scheduled for May 10-13. This year, for something different, we will include some beautiful silk scarves by local designer Camilla Olson, which coordinate wonderfully well with precious gems. If you were fortunate enough to have attended Camilla's fashion show, held in early March at the Four Seasons Silicon Valley, you will remember her feminine, wearable fashions, as well as the Gleim jewelry worn as accents! Save the dates of Mother's Day weekend to see just what is worthy of the woman in your life.

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Special offer!
For the month of May, we will include a Diamond Dazzle Stick with every purchase of a Travel Jewelry Clutch, an eight dollar value. You must bring in this coupon to the Stanford Shopping Center location to receive your gift.
Offer Expires: May 31, 2012


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