3.52 carat D VS2 round brilliant

$ 155,000.00

If you know diamonds, you know that the ultimate color grade is “D.” This actually indicates a complete absence of color, giving it an icy brilliance matched by no other gem. Set in a handmade palladium ring by Tiffany & Co., the center is set off by the matched geometry of two baguettes with an estimated total weight of .50 carats. (Palladium was used during World War II, as platinum was declared a strategic metal used only in defense.) This diamond has not just one, but two diamond grading reports. It originally had a report from the Gemological Institute of America. At the time, it weighed 3.54 carats. Over the years, however, it sustained a tiny nick at the girdle, which we had polished out. Since it had a different weight from the original report, we needed a new report, which we obtained from the American Gem Society Diamond Grading Laboratories, giving it an exceptional pedigree! It is graded “excellent” in both polish and proportions. Magnificent!