ARDIS Bracelet - Aluminum and Rose Gold

SKU 001802A 100
$ 14,900.00
Discover the latest masterpiece from Vhernier, the Ardis Collection, a testament to modern Italian luxury jewelry. Inspired by the clean forms of modern sculpture, this collection embodies organic yet abstract energy, hallmarking Vhernier's design philosophy. Crafted with a new, precious aluminum, the pieces are matte, compact, pearlescent, soft to the touch, and remarkably light. Handcrafted in Vhernier's workshops, the designs feature ridges in rose gold or white gold, set with a radiant stream of diamonds. The interplay of robust lines and dynamic rhythm creates a sense of motion, making ARDIS both ultra-modern and timeless.

The Ardis Collection is designed for the discerning individual who appreciates contemporary elegance, sculptural design, and luxury craftsmanship. Perfect for fashion enthusiasts, jewelry collectors, and those who value unique, high-end pieces that make a statement.

Key Features:
  • Precious aluminum construction
  • Matte, compact, and pearlescent finish
  • Soft to the touch and remarkably light
  • Rose gold ridges
  • Handcrafted in Vhernier's Italian workshops
  • Sculptural design inspired by modern art
  • Timeless and contemporary elegance

Materials: Aluminum and 18k rose gold

Measurements: 15.5 cm