Gleim The Jeweler

Since 1931, Gleim the Jeweler has been the premier family owned jewelry store in the Peninsula. From our original location on University Avenue to being one of the original tenants at Stanford Shopping Center, at Gleim the Jeweler we have committed ourselves to our craft and to our industry.

As we have for over 90 years, we welcome you to shop our extensive collections of precious gems, unique estate jewelry, timepieces, high jewelry lines and bespoke pieces.

Georgie Gleim

Georgie Gleim, President, has been working at the company her grandfather founded in 1931 as the only job she has ever known. As past president of the American Gem Society, and only the second woman to ever hold that position, Georgie is truly a giant in her field. Her vast knowledge and experience are the hallmark of the family business, and her passion begets the success.

Bhuvan Sahney, Vice President, has spent the past two decades in fine jewelry. He honed his gemological skills at some of the top national and international brands before bringing his talents to Gleim the Jeweler. Since joining the family team at Gleim, his drive for excellence can be seen in the unique product lines, attention to customer service and overall success of the store. His passion for timepieces, vintage cars, dogs, art and small children (he has two) provide Bhuvan with a wide view that makes you want to pull up a chair and talk far beyond clarity, cut and color.

Bhuvan Sahney