Art Nouveau Scroll Motif Diamond and Pearl Necklace

$ 14,500.00

Classic Art Nouveau in style, this elegant necklace is set with 54 old mine-cut and 46 rose-cut diamonds.  The handmade setting is silver-topped and gold-backed, very typical for jewelry of the period.  The pearl at the bottom has the characteristic shape and texture of a Mississippi freshwater pearl, which was very popular in designs of the time.  The pendant measures nearly 3.0 Inches from the three diamonds at the top to the bottom of the pearl, and is in pristine condition considering it is over a century-and-a-quarter old.

Metal: Silver-topped and gold-backed

Gemstones: Diamonds: 54 old mine-cut and 46 rose-cut diamonds; Pearl: Mississippi freshwater pearl drop

Measurement: 3 inches long