CALLA Midi Bracelet - Blackened Titanium, Rose Gold

SKU T01652BR103
$ 3,900.00
Discover the epitome of luxury jewelry with Vhernier's Calla Midi Bracelet in Titanium and Rose Gold. Expertly handmade in Milan, Italy. Inspired by the sleek lines and graceful curves of the calla flower, this collection embodies pure form and soft sensuality. The Calla bracelet, a modern icon, conceals its opening between cone-shaped elements, ensuring fluidity and comfort. This strictly modern collection is characterized by simplicity, fluidity, and exceptional craftsmanship.
Ideal for: Fashion enthusiasts, jewelry collectors, and individuals who appreciate high-end, modern design and exceptional Italian craftsmanship.
Key Features:
  • Handmade in Milan, Italy with precision and passion
  • Titanium and Rose gold construction, a classic Vhernier shade
  • Cone-shaped elements for smooth wrapping and comfort
  • Sculpted by hand to ensure exceptional quality
  • Pure form and soft sensuality
  • Inspired by the calla flower's sleek lines and curves
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Exceptional comfort and wearability

Materials: Titanium, Rose Gold