Midcentury Modern Starburst Pearl and Sapphire Brooch

$ 2,250.00

Capture the essence of midcentury modern elegance with our stunning Vintage Starburst Pin, adorned with cultured pearls, gold, and natural sapphires. The center pearl has a double halo of gold wires and smaller pearls orbiting around the center. This classic 14K brooch, crafted in the 1950s or 1960s, showcases the timeless beauty of American-made jewelry. Featuring a folding bail, it effortlessly transforms into a pendant, offering versatile wearability. With the distinguished design hallmark of ROBERT FISHER, this piece is a true testament to vintage sophistication and style. There are matching earrings (SKU: PEO0611).

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold

Gemstones: Round sapphires; cultured pearls

Measurement: 38.5 mm overall

Condition: Excellent

Time period: 1950s/1960s

Design notes: There is a folding bail that can be raised so the pin can convert to a pendant.